Car rental tips in South Korea

Car rental tips in South Korea

In fact, renting a car in Korea is a much simpler process than it might seem at first.

So, to rent a car in Korea, you just need to download the app and make an order. It will be a big + if you know Korean, but there are apps in English too. And sure, you need to have valid international drive license or Korean lisence. The process of renting a car in Korea is called 카 세어링 – Car sharing.

The most popular car rental apps in Korea are:

  1. Socar – 쏘카 1등 카세어링
  2. Green Car – 그린카 이동을 새로 그리다

An hour of renting a car in Korea costs about 4000원 (~ 3,5 $). If we are not talking about a car of a business class, but budget ones.

Day ~ 31 000원 – 25$
1 week ~ 305 000원 – 247$

Van: $ 65 / day
Minivan: $ 94 / day
SUV: $ 54 / day
Mini: $ 29 / day

+ the longer the total rental time of the car, the lower the price of subsequent hours of rental.

As a rule, either you pick up the car in a place convenient for you. Or for you the car is driven to a specific place. And just like that, at the end of the lease, you leave it at a predetermined location. In general, nothing complicated 🙂

However, it will be much cheaper if, when renting a car, you choose to end the rental time in the same place where you took it. Not one-way rentals. For example if you took a car in Seoul, Gangnam, then at the end of the rental you need to leave it there. And not somewhere else … in Busan for example.

Another super important point. In Korean navigators Google maps do not work. Therefore, you will need to install an alternative, for example, Waze or Naver Maps. We prefer naver.

About Korea Drivers License:

Firstly, for driving in the Korea you need to have an international driving license. Or, if you don’t have, then you can change your one to Korean at the Korean police station. But for this you will need to take a test for the knowledge of traffic rules.

How is the exchange of rights issued in your country for Korean? You write a statement, take the test, and if you pass the threshold, you get Korean rights. And you leave yours (Russian, American, Swiss, Kazakh, etc.) at the police station. And only then, when leaving the country, you can pick them up again while leaving the Korean.

Those. It’s much easier to simply obtain international rights in your country than to change them already in Korea and pass the test. But! You must admit that in another country roads and other subtleties may differ. So isn’t it better to take a test to refresh your memory and protect yourself?

Dayoung website team wishes everyone safe driving 🙂

Bon voyage!

Car rental tips in South Korea

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