Do You like Brahms – kdrama quotes (with translation)

Do You like Brahms – kdrama quotes in korean with translation into english

Briefly about this k-drama:
Name: Do You like Brahms? – 브람스를 좋아하세요?
Main Casts: Kim Min Jae, Park Eun Bin
Writer: Ryu Bo Ri
Release Date: August 31 – October 20, 2020

Do You Like Brahms? – korean drama quotes

1. 잘 들어, 다신 안 칠 거니까. – Listen carefully, because I won’t lose again.
– 2 episode

2. 눈물이 났다. 그가 쏟아내는 음악이 너무 뜨거워서, 내 안에 담긴 것이 너무 초라하게 느껴져서… 눈물이 났다… – My eyes have just become filled with tears. The music he made was so hot that everything in my soul seemed insignificant to me … So I just cryed.
– quote by Song Ah

3. – 송아씨. – Song Ah…
– 쩌 여기 앉아도 돼요? – Can I sit here?
– 그럼요, 얼마든지. Sure, as much as you want~

(2 episode)

4. 인턴, 사실 아직 결정 못했어. 회사 다니면 연습할 시간이 없을 거 같아서 좀… 그런 말 있잖아. 연습 하루 안하면 내가 알고, 이틀 안 하면 동료가 알고, 사흘 안 하면 관객이 안다고… 왜 하필 음악같은 걸 좋아해가지고… – I’m still an intern yet, I haven’t decided which choice is better to make. If I will work there it looks like I will have no time to practices music… As the saying goes, If to not train for a day, I will know, if for two days, my colleagues will know … and if for three days, then the public will know. Ah really… Why did I start to like the music?

5. 이렇게나 꿈이 많은데 내가 찾는 꿈만 없네. – There are so many dreams, but there are no dreams I am looking for..
quote by Song Ah

6. 브람스가 평생 사랑했던 사람은 선배 음악가이자 절친한 동료였던 슈만의 아내 클라라였다. 같은 음악가였던 클라라는 브람스의 곡을 자주 연주했지만 그녀의 곁엔 항상 남편 슈만이 잇었다. 그런 클라라 곁에서 브람스는 일생을 혼자 살았다. 나중에 알았다. 그는 브람스를 연주하지 않는다는 것을…. The person Brahms loved all his life Clara, Robert Schumann’s wife, a senior musician and close associate. Clara, the same musician, often played Brahms’ songs, but her husband Schumann was always by her side. Next to Clara, Brahms lived all his life alone. I knew later. That he doesn’t play Brahms…

7. 말보다 음악이 더 편했나 보지. For you music is more comfortable than words, right?
– Quote by Lee Jung-Kyung

8. 서울에 가끔 오면 모든 게 다 변해있는데 궁궐은 늘 그 자리에 같은 모습으로 있어서 그런가 자꾸 생각이 나요. 현대음악도 하지만 그래도 바흐, 모차르트, 베토벤 이런 음악들에 더 마음이 가더리고요. 오랫동안 변하지 읺고 잘 살아있는 것들. – Whenever I come to Seoul, everything changes. But the palace always looks the same, so I keep thinking. I do modern music, but I still get more into music like Bach, Mozart, and Beethoven. I just like things that do not change for a long time…
– Quote by Park Joon Yeong

9. 갑자기 어떤 것을 깨닫게 되는 순간이 있다. – There are moments that make you suddenly realize something.
– Quote by Song Ah

10. 상처받는 거보다 혼자 바보되는 게 더 싫어요. – I hate being fooled by myself more than being hurt.
Quote by Song Ah

11. 니가 어떤 길을 가든 너는 니가 제일 행복한 길을 찾을 거라고 믿어. – Whatever path you take, I believe you will find the happiest path.
– 7 Episode quote about life

12. 시간이 지나면 내가 받은 상처보다 내가 준 상처가 오래 남더라. 그러니까 너도 너무 깊게 상처를 주진 마라. – In time, the wounds I gave remain longer than the wounds I received. So you too better to don’t hurt others too deeply.
– 7 episode quote about life

Do You like Brahms – kdrama quotes in korean with translation into english

Korean Drama – Do you like Brahms?
the main character quotes about music, love and life
if you searching for some quote – you can ask in comments

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