Doom at your service – quotes (kdrama)

Doom at your service 1-16 episodes quotes (quotes in korean with translation)

Briefly about drama: Doom at your service
Episodes: 16
Main Actors: Park Bo Young (Tak Dong Kyung), Seo In Guk (Myul Mang), Lee Soo Hyuk (Cha Joo Ik) etc.
Network: tvN
Writer: In Meari

“신은 모르지 않아. 언제나 모른척하는 것뿐이지.” – The God is never ingorant. They just pretend to be.
– 1 episode, Seo In Guk (Myul Mang)

“이제부턴 멸망보다 더 지독한 게 뭔지 알게 될 테니까, 삶이야.” – From now on, you’ll know what’s worse than destruction, so it’s life.
– 1 episode , Seo In Guk (Myul Mang)

“울지 못하는 건, 내 오래된 습관이었다. 열 살에 나는 눈물을 삼키는 법을 알았다. 흘리지 못하고 삼킨 눈물은 전부 어디로 갔을까? 내 머리에 암이 된건가?” – “Not being able to cry was my old habit. At the age of ten I knew how to swallow my tears. Where did all the tears I swallowed without shed go? Is it became a cancer in my head?”
– 1 episode, Park Bo Young (Tak Dong Kyung) line

“채울 수있는 페이지는 겨우 이 정도. (다이어리 두 장 정도)
드라마나 영화에서 보면 죽음을 앞둔 사람들은 훌훌 잘도 떠나던데…
난 떠날 돈도, 이룰 꿈도, 못다한 사랑도 없다.
십 년을 산다면 돈을, 꿈을, 사랑을 원 하겠지만 나는 고작 100 일을 살뿐.
그렇게 살아남은 세상은 결국 멸망과 다름 없다. 피곤해 다들 이렇게 사는걸까?
삶에게도 죽음에게도 괴롬힘당하면서 산 것도 죽은 것도 아닌 것처럼 ..”

“There is no much pages left… (About diary)
In dramas and movies, people who are about to die often leave very well…
But I have no money to leave, no dreams to achieve, no love that I could do…
If I lived 10 years I would want money, dreams and love, but I only have 100 days.
The world that has survived is like destruction in the end. Are everyone living like this?
As if not living or dead while being harassed by life and death..”
– 1 episode, Park Bo Young (Tak Dong Kyung) lines –

doom at your service park bo young quotes

보이지 않은 것들은 두렵지 않다. 죽음도 명망도. 보이기 시작한 순간, 두려움은 실체가 된다. 고통은 실체다. 대답해줘, 내 인생은 누구의 장난인지.“ – You r not scared of things you can’t see… Such as death or destruction. But once they become visible… Your fear suddenly becomes real too.
– 1 episode, Park Bo Young (Tak Dong Kyung) quote

“If you r lonely, acr lonely. If things are hard, act like thing are hard. Don’t act strong all the time, ok?”
– 3 episode, (right was it 3 episode? not sure ㅠㅠ) Seo In Guk (Myul Mang) lines

“얻는 게 있으면 잃는 게 있는 법이야. 살면서 내가 잃은 것들로 이룬 거다. 그 말 무슨 뜻인지 이제 알겠어. 겨울이 있어야 봄이 있고, 어둠이 있어야 빛도 있고 죽음이 있어야 탄생도 있다. 뭐 그런거지? 그러니까 네가 겨울이고, 어둠이고, 죽음이고…” – “If you gain something, you lose something. It was achieved with the things I lost in my life. Now I know what that means. When there is winter, there is spring, when there is darkness, there is light, and when there is death, there is birth. Right? So you’re winter, you’re dark, you’re death… ”
– 2 episode, Park Bo Young (Tak Dong Kyung)

“비밀 하나 알려줄까? 다음 생은 없어, 지금이 다야.” – “Can I tell you a secret? There is no next life, now is everything you have.”
-4 episode, Seo In Guk (Myul Mang)
P.s. Cause of this line I got goosebumps ㅠㅠ so true, 역시 인새은 yolo !

“내가 그랬잖아. 날 사랑할 수 없을거라고. 모두 날 원망하거나 원하지 혹은 두려워하거나.” – “So I said. You won’t be able to love me. Everyone hates, wants or fears me.”
-4 episode, Seo In Guk (Myul Mang)

doom at your service kiss scene quotes

“좋은 생각이 있는데, 그냥 나를 사랑하게 해달라고 빌면 어때?” “I have a good idea, what if you just beg me to make you love me?”
-5 episode, Seo In Guk (Myul Mang)

myeol mang quotes seo in guk handsome
p.s. so saaaaad, his sad eyes broked my heart ㅠㅠ
(7 episode)

“네가 날 사랑했으면 좋겠어. 그것도 소원으로 빌 수 있어?” – “I wish you love me. Can it be my wish?”
-6 episode, Park Bo Young (Tak Dong Kyung)

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Doom at your service 1-16 episode quotes (korean drama)

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