Forecasting love and weather – quotes (korean drama)

Forecasting love and weather – drama quotes in korean with translation into english
(1-16 episode to be updated)

Forecasting Love and Weather – Korean drama quotes (기상청 사람들: 사내연애)
Original Network – JTBS (Netflix +)
Written By – Seon Yeong
Actors: Park Min Young (as Jin Ha Kyung), Song Kang (Lee Shi Woo), Yoon Park, Yura

– Why is it always the woman who leaves? They both work here and he cheated on her.
– The world doesn’t care about who’s right or wrong. It’sall about who’s more brazen.

– 왜 항상 여자가 떠나야 되죠? 그들은 둘 다 여기서 일하고 그는 바람 폈잖아요.
– 세상은 누가 옳고 그른지에 관심이 없습니다. 누가 더 뻔뻔한가에 관한 것입니다.
( 1 episode lines )

“Nothing is more pleasant than the rain that falls at the right time.” – 적시에 내리는 비보다 더 반가운 것은 없다.
( 1 episode – Lee Shi Woo )

Both weather and people need time for you to get to know them better. What you see now isn’t everything. The weather isn’t always bad. There are sunny days as well as windy and rainy days. There’s always a reason for everything.
( 2 episode quotes )

“Like the wind, an affair is invisible but it always leaves a trace. No matter how big or small.”
Lee Shi Woo, 3 episode

또 알아가겠지. 서로의 가시거리를 좀힐 수 있는 가장 확실한 방법은 서로에게 계속 용기 있게 다가가는 것 뿐이라는 걸. – And you will find out it again. That the best way to narrow our visibility is by mustering the courage to take a step closer to each other.
Song Kang (4 episode)

When cold ait suddenly meets warm air… The atmosphere becomes unstable and dangerous weather occurs. Just as cold air suddenly meets a mass of warm air, you and I met with our differences. – 차가운 공기가 갑자기 더운 공기를 만낫을때… 대기는 불안정해지고 위험 기상이 나타난다. 차가운 공기가 갑자기 더운 공기를 만난 듯이 서로 다른 너와 내가 만났다
( 5 episode – Jin Ha Kyung quotes about weather )

Forecasting love and weather - quotes romantic beautiful view seoul

You shine brightly when you tell me that rain needs to meet another rain for them to get drenched. Or out similarities help us understand each other’s hearts. – 비는 비끼리 만나야 서로 젖는다고, 당신은 눈부시게 내게 알려준다. 서로의 비슷한 점들이 서로의 마음을 알아준다.
( 6 episode, the quote from the book which Shi Woo and Ha Kyung was read together )

Korean drama Forecasting love and weather – quotes in korean with translation into english

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