Foreigner k-pop idols in Korea – celebrities

Foreigner k-pop idols in Korea – celebrities & actors & singers
Is it real to become a celebrity, idol in South Korea if you are a foreigner? The answer to the question will be the foreigners that have already become idols, and there are many more of them than you might think at first glance. ^^ and there a lot idols with european looks
So lets see, who is the most popular foreigners that are atcive in Korea now)

1. Park Yuri / 박유리
2. Angelina Danilova
3. 라나 / Lana
4. Sonia (O My Jewel)
5. Kumiho (Zoya) 고미호

1. Park Yuri / 박유리

Date of birth: December 28, 1994 (age 25).
He participated in the show produce 101 X, after which he became significantly more popular. She is a rapper and model in Korea.
Graduated from Korea University of Korea.
Agency – Esteem Entetraiment (modeling agency under SM Entertaiment)
Height – 186cm
He is currently a member of JxR and preparing to debut.

2. Angelina Danilova

Born in Russia on December 28, 1996 (age 23).
Height 175.5 cm
The company is 더 프리즘 엔터테인먼트.
She became popular through to instagram, she posted her photos and signed them with Korean hashtags, and at some point one of the photos blew up Korean instagram, and information about her was posted on Korean sites. So she became popular and soon after she received an offer from a Korean company.
Currently, she is the most popular foreign celebrity in Korea, she is a model and blogger in Korea, and has taken part in all kinds of Korean shows. Also she even had a fanmeeting.
In 2020, she released her first single, As You Are.

3. Lana 라나 / Svetlana

Born November 23, 1996, on Sakhalin, Russia.
The Korean name is Yoo La Na and Yoo Eun Bi.
Height – 170cm.
She debuted in Korea as a solo artist on June 17, 2019 with the song Take The Wheel.
Singer, dancer, rapper and songwriter.
Agency – HiCC Entertainment.
Before debut, she was a trainee for 2 years. Speaks fluent Russian, English and Korean. Prior to her debut, she was a street dancer and danced with the cover-group for three months.

4. Sonia (O my Jewel)

Date of birth – 3.9.1994., Russia – Israel.
Height – 168cm.
The first foreign woman with a European appearance to debut in Korea as a member of the group O my Lewel.
The group debuted in 2017, but broke up 5 months after the release of the first single.
Sonia is not that popular in Korea at the moment, but that does not negate the fact that she was a trainee even if she was part of K-pop for only 5 months.
(!) In Korea, after all, Lana is considered the first foreign idol, because Sony’s group did not debut on TV and did not release an album, so Koreans do not consider this to be a debut.

5. Kumiho (Zoya) /고미호

Date of birth – 1990.09.21., Russia, Chelyabinsk.
Height – 175 cm.
She is a model and TV presenter in Korea. She participated in shows on such popular Korean channels as MBC, KBS, EBS, etc.
Very popular in Korea under the nickname 고미호. He is also currently running a Youtube channel with her Korean husband.

Foreignor k-pop idols in Korea – russians (foreigner celebrities in Korea)

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