How to write a resume in korean

How to write a resume in korean
Everything you need to know about korean resume.
This article is for everyone who is going to work in a Korean company.

A resume in Korea plays such an important role that some Koreans sometimes turn to specialists to help them write it as best as possible.

In general, the template for all Korean resumes is similar regardless of the host company. However, there are still three types of resumes that distinguish in Republic of Korea:

  1. A general resume suitable for any job – 이력서
  2. Resume for civil servants and teachers – 공무원 이력서
  3. Creative resumes developed by the applicant himself. (to some companies requiring a creative approach).

In addition, usually each company has its own resume form. The form of which is filled either online on the company’s official website or which you need to download, fill out and send to the email in doc / docx format.

At first, all the questions in the Korean resume are no different from the questions in the English or Russian resume. However, this is only the beginning 🙂

In Korea, when applying for a job, they are required to request a GPA. (this is the arithmetic mean of grades in a school certificate and diploma.). And this is very important information, which is not just for show, but which Koreans check for sure. If the GPA is lower than 70/100, then you are already much less likely to get an interview… Although this is more true for Koreans. There may be concessions for foreigners depending on the company.

In addition, it is considered an important field in the resume where you need to write any information about yourself. Your hobbies, special merits, participation in any important events, diplomas, etc. This field also usually indicates personal qualities. The more active you are, the more you are an attractive candidate for a position.

And perhaps the last, distinctive quality of the Korean resume is that it needs to indicate information about relatives. Their place of work, as well as information about the applicant’s state of health. (absence / presence of any chronic or current diseases.). And although information about relatives often does not play an important role for foreigners, nevertheless it is on the resume, it’s better to fill it out. (especially if this information is in your favor,why not).

Guarantee letter

P.s. Anyway, when applying for a long-term visa, one of your relatives will have to fill out a document confirming that there is any person who is able to take responsobility for you. This document is usually called a letter of guarantee or 신원 보증서. And there, too, it will be necessary to indicate the place of work of the filling relative. (If you watched Korean dramas, you probably often heard how someone at the police station or in the hospital asking, “are you a guardian?” In other words, “are you responsible for this person?”. So, in case of something, even if you the company invites and, in fact, it bears responsibility for you – you must also have someone from your country responsible for you, with whom you can contact if you suddenly break the law, or something happens to you.

So, how can you increase the chances of hiring by correctly filling out a resume?

  1. If possible, it is better to send a resume in both English and Korean. Because they are considered by different departments and so you will have more chances.
  2. The more you write in the column about your achievements, the more chances you have.
  3. It may seem strange, but its important to choose your best photo for attachment. Perhaps you have already hear… If you were fond of the culture of Korea, then you probably know – for Koreans, appearance is an important point.(photo, of course, in the official style, like a passport).
  4. You need to write in detail, but briefly, without unnecessary information

+ If you already know Korean to some extent, we advise you to google “이력서 작성 요령” or “이력서 작성 반법”. Then you will get a bunch of results in Korean, about how can you fill out the best way and write a resume. (+ it’s better to search Naver because Koreans use it more often than Google).

Bunch of examples CV in Korean:

(this site is also good for job search).

Also an important point: there is a chance that the company will pay for your language courses. But of course, for this you need to be a worthy specialist. ^^

Here, in fact, all the main points.
The Dayoung website team wishes everyone good luck! ❀

How to write a resume in korean
from korea with love.

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