K-drama it’s ok to be not ok – quotes

K-drama it’s ok to be not ok – quotes in korean with tranlation into english. 고문영 Ko Moon Young and Moon Gang Tae quotes.

Korean drama guotes, best lines – Netflix – it’s ok to be not ok – 사이코지만 괜찮아

1. 헛소리 치우고 당신 갈 길이나 가지? Get rid of bullshit and go where you was going to.

2. 네 옆에 아무도 있을 수 없어. 왜냐면 너는 괴물이거든. . 그 사실을 절대 잊지마. . 알겠니? No one can be next to you. Because you are a monster. . Never forget that. . Did u got it?

3. 너 내 팬 아니지? 내가 쓴 동화 속엔 늘 마녀가 예쁘거든. 공주는 착하고 예쁘다고 누가 그래? Are you not my fan, right? Cause witches are always pretty in my fairy tales. Who says the princess is nice and pretty? (고문영 Ko Moon Young )

4. 넌 진짜 몰라? 너 웃을 때 조커 닮았어 조커. 눈은 이렇게 슬픈데 입꼬리는 올라간 게. Really don’t know? When you laugh, you look like a joker. Your eyes are so sad, but the corners of the lips go up.

5. 그거 알아요? 세산엔 죽어 마땅한 것들이 있는데. 어떤 사려깊은 또라이가 그것들을 몰래 죽여주기 때문에 아무 생각없는 시민들이 두다리 쭉 뻗고 잘 수 있다는 것. 그럼 난 어느 쪽일까요? Do you know that? In this world, there are things that deserve to die. The thoughtless citizens kill them secretly, so that no-minded citizens can stretch out and sleep. So how do u think, which would I be?

6. 미친 게 아니라 그냥 그렇게 태우난거야. Not crazy, just was born like that. (Moon Gang Tae)

7. 안 좋은 추억 가슴에 더 오래 남는데요. Usually bad memories last longer in the heart.

8. 원래 사는 것이 죽을 만큼 힘들면 도망치는게 제일 편하거든. If living is hard enough to die, running away is the most comfortable.

9. 사이코지만 괜찮아 – Even if you are psycho that okay.

10. 동화랑 현실세게의 잔혹성과 폭력성을 역설적으로 그린 잔인한 판타지에요. It is a cruel fantasy that paradoxically depicts the cruelty and violence of a fairytale and reality.

11. 그것 알아? 무심보다 더 무서운게 방심이다? Do you know that? Being vigilant is more scary than being indifferent.

12. 트라우마는 이렇게 앞에서 마주 봐야지. 뒤에서 보듬는 게 아니라. You have to look directly into the face of the trauma. And not like this, peep from the back.

13. 운명이 뭐 별건가, 이렇게 필요할 때 나타나주면 그게 운명이지. Who cares about destiny? If someone shows up when you need them, you call that destiny.

14. 혹시 운명은 믿어요? By the chance, do you believe in destiny? (고문영 Ko Moon Young)

15. 그니깐 나한테만 집중해. So just focus on me (고문영 Ko Moon Young )

16. 진짜 나쁜 사람은, 어떤 말도 믿어주지 않은 사람이래. It’s said that a real bad person is someone who didn’t believe anything.

17. 내 주변을 행복하게 만들려면, 나 자신부터 행복해져야 한다. 이기적인게 꼭 나쁜 것만은 아니에요. To make my surroundings happy, I have to be happy first. Selfishness is not necessarily a bad thing.

K-drama it’s ok to be not ok – quotes in korean with tranlation into english.
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