Korean birthday greetings – wishes quotes in Korean 🎁

Korean birthday greetings – wishes quotes in Korean with koreanglish transcription ^^

How to congratulate beautifully and correctly in Korean? A list of happy birthday greetings and wishes in Korean with translation into english.

Wishes quotes in Korean:

1. 태어나줘서 고마워요~ [taeonajwoso komawoyo] – Thanks for being born~.

2. 너는 최고! [noneun chaegu] – You are the best!

3. 항상 건강하고 언제나 밝은 웃음 간직하길 바래요~ 진심으로 축하해요! [hansan konqanhago onjena pallqeun eu-seum kanjikhaqill paraeyo~ jinsimeuro chukhahaeyo!] – I wish you to be always healthy with a bright smile shining on your face. I sincerely congratulate you!

4. 나는 너의 모든 생일 소원이 이루어지기를 바래요! 생일 축하해요! – [naneun noye modeun saeng-il seowonii iruojigireul paraeyo! saeng-il chukhahaeyo!] I hope all your birthday wishes come true! Happy Birthday!

5. 멋진 생일 보내세요! – [motchin saeng-il bonaesaeyo] Wish you awesome birthday!

6. 항상 건강하시고 행복하세요! – [hansan konqanhaqo haenbokhasaeyo!] Always be healthy and happy! (polite)
6.1 항상 건강하고 행복해요! – [hansan konqanhaqo haenbokhaeyo!] Always be healthy and happy! (less polite, to friends)

7. 행복한 생일날 되세요! [haenbokhan saeng-il nall dwaesaeyo] – Wish you happy birthday party!

8. 오늘같은 특별한 날 행복한 일들이 많이 생기길 바랍니다. [oneull gateun teukpyorhan nall haenbokhan ildeuri mani saengigil paramnida]- I wish you such a special day like today will be fulfilled with happy moments.

9. 네 모든 소원이 이루어지길 바래요~ [ni modeun seowoni iruojiqil paraeyo~] – I hope all your wishes come true ~

10. 성공하고, 항상 행운이 함께 하길 바랍니다. – [sonqonhagu, hansan haenguni hamkke haqill paramnida] I wish you success and best luck! (polite, official)
10.1 성공하고, 항상 행운이 함께 하길 바래용! – [sonqonhagu, hansan haenguni hamkke haqill paraeyo!] I wish you success and best luck! (less polite but more friendly 🙂 ).

11. 모든 꿈이 이루어지길 바랍니다! [modeun kkumi iruojigil paramnida!]- I wish all your dreams come true!

12. 나는 네가 행복하고 여행이 많이 있기를 바랍니다! (특히 미국에 여행 ㅎㅎ^^) [naneun niga haenbokhagu yohaeni mani ikkireull paramnida! (teukhi miquke yohaeng] – I wish you to be happy and have a lot of travels! (especially to USA haha ^^).

13. 당신은 훌륭한 사람입니다 :3 [danshineun heullyunhan saram imnida] – You are great person :3

14. 언제나 행복하고, 건강하고, 오래오래 웃음지을 날이 많기를 바래요! [onjena haenbokhagu konqanhagu orae orae euseum chi-eull nari mankireul paraeyo!] – Always be happy, healthy, I wish you many, many days when your smile shines bright!

15. 앞으로도 항상 멋지고 행복하기를 바랍니다! [appeuru hansan motchigu haenbokhagireul paramnida!] – I wish you to continue to be as cool and happy 🙂

16. ‘생일’인 오늘만 행복하지 말고 1년 365일, 하루하루가 생일처럼 행복하길 바래요!^^ [saeng-il in oneulman haenbokhaji mallgu il nyeon sam baek yuk sh’ib o il haruharuga saeng-il choreom haenbokhagill paraeyo!] – Not only on your birthday, but 365 days a year, be as happy as today! ^^

17. 너는 네가 원하는 모든 걸 얻을 수 있다! [noneun niga modeun qol odeul su itta!] – You can get everything you wish to!

18. 생일 진심으로 축하하고 앞으로 더 많이 사랑해줄게! [saeng-il jinsimeuru chikhahagu appeuru to mani saranghae jullkae] – I sincerely congratulate you and will continue to love even more!

19. 뜻깊은 오늘! 그 어느 때보다도 아름다운 날이 되기를 바랍니다! [tteut kipheun oneul! keu oneu ttaebodaneun areumdaun nari dwaegireull paramnida!] – Today is a special day ~ I wish it to be the most beautiful day than ever!

20. 이 세상에서 태어나줘서 고마워요! [e sesaneso taeonajwuso komawoyo!] – Thanks for being born in this world!

21. 생신 왕! 축하해요! [saengsh’in wang! chukhahaeyo!] – Birthday king! Congratulations!! (congratulation to a friend)

22. 밝고 행복하게 자라렴! 꿈을 품고 하루하루 행복했으면 좋겠어! [pallgku haenbokhage chararyeom! kkumeul phumku haruharu haenbokhaesseumyeon chukkesso! ] – Grow bright and happy! Keep your dreams close to your heart and be happy every day! (birthday blessing to a child, younger one)

Korean birthday greetings:

1. 생일 축하해 – Happy Birthday (to close friend)

2. 축하축하 (쭈카쭈카) – Congratulations (in a very cute way, to close friends)

3. 생일 축하해요! – Happy Birthday! (to a friend, to someone who older but not that much)

4. 생일 축하합니다 – Happy Birthday! (officially)

5. 해삐벌쓰데이 🙂 – Happy Birthday! (English word written in Korean letters)

6. 일 년 중 가장 특별한 오늘
당신의 생일을 축하합니다~
Today is the most special day of the year~
Happy birthday to you!

7. 생일 축하드리고 , 소중한 사람들과 즐겁고 고 행복한 하루 되세요 ^^ – Happy birthday! Wish you to have a fun and happy day with your loved ones 🙂 officially – to a boss, client or an elder)

8. 어느 날 하늘에서 천사가 이 세상으로 내려왔데. 그 천사는 바로 당신이야!
생일 추카추카! It’s said that one day an angel descended from heaven directly to earth, and this angel … you! HBP!~~ (cute and fun way to congratulate with happy birthday)

9. 생일 추카추카 – HBD (kinda slang, cute way to say happy birthday)

10. 추카추카 – Congrats Congrats (cute, fun way)

Korean birthday greetings – wishes quotes in Korean with koreanglish transcription 🙂
P.S. You can ask for translation of wishes in the comments ~

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