Korean girl names list – with meanings

Korean girl names list – with meanings
The most fullest list of korean girl names with meanings^^

Korean girl names list that start with a vowel, A, E, U, Y

1. 아라 – Ara (meaning – great soul like a sea, clear silk)
2. 아람 – Aram (meaning – to be pretty)
3. 아나 – Anna (meaning – I grow up beautifully)
4. 아진 – Ajin (name meaning – beautiful precious)
5. 아영 Ayong – Elegant Flower, Beautiful Flower, Elegant Lens Flare
6. 애차 Aechha – a loving daughter
7. 애린 Aerin – Adorable Gemstone, Clear Water
8. 예진 Yejin – beautiful and graceful like a rainbow
9. 인혜 Inhe – Peacefulness, tranquility and intelligence.
10. 이슬 Iseul – Freshness, tear and pure dew
11. 연미 Yonmi – beautiful and pretty
12. 우미 Umi – Unique Beauty
13. 유리 Yuri – Supportive, Elegant, Forgiving
14. 은별 EunByol – A Star, Graceful Star

Korean names that start with B, P and D:

15. 보아 Boa – Treasured and elegant, precious flower
16. 보라 Bora – Purple Gem
17. 보나 Bona – reward, success, blessed work
18. 백선 Baekson – white gift
19. 보민 Bomin – to help people
20. 바다 Pada — the great soul like a sea
21. 단비 Danby – sweet rain, rain that falls when you need to
22. 다은 Daeun – Very kind, kindness, beauty
23. 단아 Dana – the only, beautiful, trust
24. 다경 Dakyeong – a lot of jade
25. 다람 Daram – to have a lot, to be rich
26. 다실 Dasil – Fruitful, to have a good results
27. 다예 Daye – To have many talents
28. 다운 Daun – to be extra lucky

Korean names that start with H:

29. 하진 Hajin – summer, great, grand, real, genuine
30.한솔 Hansol – big pine tree
31. 해린 Haerin – meaning – Shining sea
32. 하람 – Haram – A precious person from heaven
33. 혜경 Hyeqyong – Grace shines
34. 혜리 Hyeri – Shrewd and beneficial
35. 혜영 Hyeyong – Full of shrewdness
36. 혜우 Hyeu – Great blessing
37. 혜인 Hyein – A shrewd person
38. 혜진 Hyejin – Shrewd and precious
39. 화수 Hwasu – inflorescence, blooming
40. 희운 Heeun – Beautiful luck
41. 해수 Haesoo – girl who is like an ocean, also water, sore

42. 해원 Hevon- Elegant and beautiful garden
43. 호숙 Hosuk – Clear Lake
44. 화영 Hwayong – Beautiful Flower
45. 현애 Hyunae – a loving and pure girl
46. 하은 Haeun – Summer, splendor, talent, kindness. Also money, silver.
47. 하예 Hiye – sky high meaning and beautiful heart
48. 휸애 Hyunae – wise child
49. 하나 Hana – the only precious child in the whole world
50. 하늬 Hani – someone with a character like a cool breeze

Korean names that start with J, Ch:

51. 재희 Jaehee – Be talented and shine
52. 제니 Jenny – charming, bewitching, captivating
53. 지연 Jiyeon – wisdom, support, blessing, good luck, beautiful
54. 지수 Jisu – wisdom and superiority
55. 재화 Jaehwa – Respect and beauty, One who is rich and prosperous.
56. 진애 Jinae – meaning – Truth, treasure and love
57. 진경 Jinkyung – Truth, treasure and brightness
58. 지요 Jiyo – Lucky Pearl, Intelligence and Luck
59. 주미 Jumi – Expression of Beauty, Pearl Beauty
60. 지우 Jiu – Freedom, Intelligence, Wealth and Abundance

61. 제나 – precious child, child someone have been waiting for
62. 잔디 – overcome difficulties like grass and have patience
63. 지니 – have a lot of blessing
64. 찬솔 – pine tree that grew well
65. 찬슬 – full of discretion
66. 천희 Jonghee – a girl born in spring
67. 정차 Jongcha – nobility and daughter
68. 채린 Chaerin – Diamond, colorful emerald, clear water
69. 채영 Chaeyeong – Colorful Beauty, Petal, Diamond Water
70. 천미 Cheonmi – Sky, heavenly beauty
71. 참이 (차미) Chami – true, unfeigned, real, sincere child

Korean names that start with K, G

72. 가은 Gaeun – good, auspicious; beautiful; delightful” and kindness, mercy, charity
73. 가인 Ga-in – good, auspicious, beautiful; delightful” and “man; people; mankind
74. 가람 Garam – river
75. 가영 Gayeong name meaning – beautiful flower
76. 근혜 Geunhye – hibiscus, favor, benefit, confer kindness
77. 규리 Gury – Advancing to Success, able to walk the big distance
78. 고은 Goeun – great favour, deep kindness, gloss, lustre, informing, mild, temperate, amicable
79. 계레 Gyere – spirit of peoples nation
80. 가을 Kaeul – fall, autumn

Korean names that start with L, R

81. 라미 Rami- beauty, to live gentle, circle
82. 라온 Raon – fun, pleasure
83. 로운 Roun – wise and benefice
84. 루라 Lula – to fulfill good, fulfill the intention.
85. 라연 Ra-yeon – A silky pond
86. 래정 Raejong – Cleanliness, sincere
87. 로미 Romi – beautiful way, road

Korean names that start with M, N

88. 마루 Maru – stand on the top of the mountain
89. 마리 Mari – leader, the best among the rest, reasonable
90. 민아 Min-a – dexterous, agile child
91. 민희 Minhee – The autumn sky shines
92. 미경 Migyon – Deserved, respected, beauty.
93. 민정 Minjon – Mind and tenderness, kind, heaven
94. 민지 Minji – name meaning – Kindness and Prudence, Happiness and Mind
95. 미라 Mira – beautiful Silk
96. 미연 Miyeon – Beauty, pretty
97. 문별 Moonbyeol – a shining, bright, star
98. 나나 Nana – soft sound
99. 나래 Narae – a wonderful person who will fly powerfully as a symbol of wings
100. 나리 Nari – lily
101. 나빛 Nabith- Shining, bright
102. 나희 Nahee – Rarely beautiful
103. 난희 Nanhee – glows sincerely putting all one’s soul and zeal

Korean names that start with S

사빈 Sabin – bright thoughts, mind
서빈 Sobin – Spread radiance
서원 Sowon – The circumference of dawn
서정 Sojong – clean writing, knowledge, erudition
설하 Solha – Holding Snow
선미 Sonmi – Good and Beauty, Supreme Beauty
설주 Solju – Expression of Snow
서채 Sochae – Paint the dawn
서희 Sohee – sunlight of dawn
선이 Sony – kind, deserving of respect, trustworthy
성희 Songhee – Reaches fame
선혜 Sonhye – Jade’s grace
새길 Saegil – easily finding new roads
세인 Sein – to make the world dizzy
세현 Sehyon – to make the world wise, intelligent
세화 Sehwa – name meaning – To change the world
소형 Sohyong – To shine bright
수빈 – Subin – water shine
수인 Su-in – outstanding tiger
시화 Sihwa – finally, after everything in the first bloom
신아 Sin-a – New Beauty
신희 Sinhee – Super rare and new

Korean girl names list – with meanings
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