Motivation to study Korean

Motivation to study Korean
From the Dayoung website team, with love ❀

Friends, your dream is already a part of your life. This is not something far away, it is a part of you. And there are million reasons to make all your dreams come true ~

Probably your motivation to learn Korean is a dream to live in Korea, maybe studying there or working?

Or meet your love there, have friends and chat with them on various topics.
Feel happy and comfortable, walk around the streets of Seoul, eat ramen or kimchi … Be able to express your feelings? To be able to ask the old bus driver whether you will reach the Hangan River on this route?

Any “how” can be overcome if there is a solid “for what.”

The motivation of your dreams is determined by the strength of your desire. If you want to fulfill your dream so much that you are not able to give it up, then probably you will not allow yourself to miss at least a small step that will bring you closer to the dream.

You do not need to know a clear plan to make your dream come true. Everything will happen naturally, albeit unexpectedly. You just need to believe and take small steps towards your dream. Think about what your dream is worth. Is it worth it for you to learn Korean at least 30 minutes every day? Or maybe your dream is not worth 5 minutes at all? Then it is not surprising why it is difficult for you to force yourself to act.

Do not be hard on yourself, and do not make something unreal from your dream. Do not exhaust yourself with thoughts about “how the dream will come true” and do not overdo it with eternal efforts. But just look into your future, has your dream become your reality? Could it be? If so, do not you need to know Korean for this? …Exactly.

You deserve everything you dream about.

Many want to fly to Korea and even stay to live there. But for some, these dreams are just dreams that give strength and warmth in a some period of life. This is just a stage of life.

Only you determine the role of dreams in your life. Just a stage, hobby, or your future.

It doesn’t matter where you are now. You can become anyone. Think about what will change in a year. Will you stop liking Korea? If most likely not, then why not at least increase your capabilities by learning Korean for at least 15 minutes every day? 15 minutes is almost nothing, right? But together these 15 minutes every day can make big changes.

There are millions of beautiful countries and languages ​​in the world, including your family. And a change of hobbies is natural. Each person is unique. You can allow yourself to get involved in something, seeing it only in dreams. No need to put pressure on yourself thinking that you need to learn a language. If in reality you want to fly to Korea for a couple of weeks, then why do you need to know all the basics of Korean and complicate things? You only need to learn a couple of phrases. Or if you dream of studying in Korea, do not you need to know the basics and more?

You see, you yourself determine the importance of Korean language in your life.

Also, learning a language is a rather complicated thing, but it seems so at first glance – when you don’t know where to start. To get started, just find any topic that interests you, and start with it.

And when something goes wrong, just remember what you started for.

What do you choose? Do you need to know Korean …? And if so, how good?

All in your hands ! ❀

The Dayoung website team believes in you!
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