NCT members real quotes (and nct song quotes)

NCT members real quotes
Most memorable, motivating and inspirational (as well as cute and funny) NCT quotes in Korean & English with translation.

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1. NCT (subunits NCT 127, NCT Dream, NCT U) members quotes:
2. NCT songs quotes (subunits Nct U, Nct Dream, Nct 127)

1. NCT members quotes:

P.S. Dayoung admins searched the internet for NCT quotes. Paradoxical as it may be, for some reason more than half of the quotes on the Internet are either fake or … something like “why should I buy chocolate if I am my own chocolate”. Very nice😅, but come on, surely the guys have at least a couple of “serious” quotes 🙂 Therefore, we did not give up, and in the end we found them! As expected, nct are very smart and wise guys from whom you can learn a lot:

지금 생각은 그냥 지금 드는 생각. 내일이면 지나치겠지 또. – What you are thinking right now is just a thought for the moment. Tomorrow, probably, it will pass. (in other words, don’t take everything to heart)
Jisung quote, 지성 nct

끝이 있어야 시작이 있기에, 좋은 마음으로 다시 시작하는 것 같아요. – There must be an end for a beginning to come. It seems to me that to start something better with a light heart.
Mark quotes, 마크 nct

항상 결과가 제일 중요하고 결과만 바라보는 세상인줄 알았는데 시즈니하고 같이 보낸 시간들을 생각해보면 결과도 좋지만 과정들이 더 소중한 것 같아요. 어쩌면 과정이 결과일 수도 있다고 갑자기 생각이 듦…. ㅎㅎ. – I have always believed that only the result is important, that it is the world that sees only the result. But when I think about the time spent with the band and the fans, although the result is good, the process is more precious and pleasing to the heart. In addition, at one point the process can become the result, he-he, I just suddenly thought 🙂
Jisung quote, 지성 nct

행복해서 웃는게 아니라, 웃어서 행복하다. – I am not smiling because I am happy, but I am smiling and therefore happy.
Yuta quote,유타 nct

뭐든지 잘하는 사람이여도 처음엔 다 초보예요. – Even those who are good at everything are still the cow in the beginning.
Jisung quote, 지성 nct

진심과 진실은 무조건 통한다고 믿어요. – I believe that sincere feelings and honesty are certainly bound up.
Jaehyun quote, nct

싫으면 하지마 – If you don’t like it, just don’t do it.
Winwin quote, nct

돈이 행복의 무게라고 생각하지 않아요. – I don’t think money is the weight of happiness.
Taeil quote, 태일 nct

길은 어디든 연결되어 있습니다 – Wherever the roads are, I will connect them.
Taeil quote, 태일 nct

사랑은 웃음으로부터 시작한다고 봐요 – As I see, love begins with a smile.
Johnny quote, nct

세상에서 제일 무서운건 공짜 – The scariest thing in the world is getting something for nothing.
Yuta quote ,유타 nct

내가 행복해야 남을 행복하게 만들 수 있다. – I must be happy first in order to make others happy.
Johnny quote, nct

It’s always fun to know the different vibe of each language when we record our tracks.
Jaehyun quote, nct

When it comes to dancing and performing for us now it’s part of our lifestyle and it’s like second nature for us, and so, dancing is one of the main things you always practice and kind of the main thing we focus on.
Mark quotes, 마크 nct

If anyone asks about me, tell them that I’m dead.
Doyoung quote, nct

Even if everything you do it though, you give it your best. The day will come where many people will aknowledge all u do. You can endure it and work hard until then.
Taeyong quote, nct

The possibility of all those possibilities being possible is just another possibility that can possibly happen.
Mark quotes, 마크 nct 😅

Mark: When I was your age…
Jisung: When I was your height…
Mark: Don’t make me pull this car over…!!!
P.s. 😂

2. NCT songs quotes (subunits Nct U, Nct Dream, Nct 127)

내가 손대면 뭐든지 가지게 돼 – Everything I touch becomes mine.
nct u – boss

내가 나타내줄게 난 알아 너의 feel now – I will appear, I know your feelings now.
nct u – boss

난 너의 따듯함이 필요해 – I need your warmth
nct U – without you

내가 다시 살아갈, 용기는 너니까 – I will live again because you are my courage.
nct u – without you

깊은 어둠 위를 걸어 – I climb to the top of the utter darkness.
nct u – the 7th sense

지금 우린 마치 거짓말 같아 – Now we seem to resemble a lie.
nct 127 – 0 mile (Zero mile)

난 지구 반대편 너에게 끌려 – From the other end of the planet I am drawn to you.
nct 127 – 0 mile (Zero mile)

널 보기만 하는건 이건 명백한 crime – Just looking at you is already a crime.
nct 127 – 0 mile (Zero mile)

어떡해 네가 너무 좋아 난. 첫 눈에 반해버렸어 – What’s going on I really like you. At first sight I fell in love with you.
nct 127 – angel

I saw an angel 널 처음 봤을 때. – I saw an angel when I first saw you.
nct 127 – angel

모두 다 쉿! – Everyone shh ! (hist)
nct 127 – cherry bomb

쉽게 보다가는 큰일 나 – You’ll get in trouble if you think everything is easy
nct 127 – cherry bomb

남 다른걸 넌 나를 미치게 만들고 있는 걸 – So different from the rest, you drive me crazy.
nct 127 – mad city

난 너의 꿈이자, 꿈에 닿는 통로가 돼 – I am your dream, I am the path that will lead you to your dream.
nct 127 – boom

편히 앉아 놀아줄 시간은 없어 – There is no time to sit back and play
nct dream – boom

내 달이 떠오를 때 너의 태양이 떠 – When my moon rises, your sun goes away…
nct 127 – sun moon

두려워하지 마 (괜찮아) 널 만든 건 너일 뿐. Don’t be afraid, it’s okay, because you create yourself. (all in your hands)
nct 127 – Simon Says

NCT members real quotes and also NCT songs quotes

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