Penthouse – drama quotes (season 1-2)

Penthouse – best kdrama quotes in korean with translation.
Korean drama “Penthouse” 펜트하우스 – season 1 and 2, best quotes.

Briefly abour drama:
Name: Penthouse: War In life.
Penthouse is a drama about wealthy families living in Hera Palace and their children at Cheong-ah Arts School. Its a story about life, money, greed, ambition and justice.
Written by: Kim Soon Ok
Distributor: SBS
Seasons: 2
Main Cast: Lee Ji Ah, Kim So Yeon, Park Eun Seok, Um Ki Joon, Eugene, Kim Yound Dae, Kim Hyun Soo, Han Ji Hyun

“증고가 있어야 죄가 있는거니?” – Is there a sin only when there is evidence?
– Shim Su Ryeon

“난 그냥 열심히 살았던 것 뿐인데 미친듯이 노력한 것 뿐인데…” – I’ve just been living hard, and I’ve been trying like crazy…
– Min Seol A

“엄마 심장 반쪽을 팔아서라도 여기서 살게 해 줄게.” – I’ll let you live here even if I will have to sell a half of my heart.
– Oh Yoon Hee

“무슨 짓을 해서라도 자식을 지켜야죠. 엄마니까.” – You must protect your child no matter what your child did. Because you’re mother.
– Shim Su Ryeon

“재능? 그딴 거 다 필요없어. 돈이 재능이고 빽이 재능인데. 나 같은 건 노래하면 안 되는 거였는데!” – Talent? I don’t need anything like that. Money is a talent and connections is a talent. Someone like me just wasn’t supposed to sing.
– Bae Ro Na

“사는 집이 그 사람 인격이고 관련인 세상이잖아요.” – The house you live in is your personality and the world you r involved in.
– Oh Yoon Hee

“인생은 타이밍.” – Life is about timing.
– Oh Yoon Hee, 7 episode (season 1)

“한두 번 받아주니까 친하다고 착각한 모양인데, 난 누가 내 거 건드리는 거 못참거든?” You thought we were close because I forgave you a couple of times, but make no mistake, I can’t stand someone touching people who are dear to me.
– Joo Seok Hoon

jeon seo jin penthouse quotes

“세상은 힘 있는 사람의 얘기만 들어줘.” – The world only listens to powerful people.
– Cheon Seo Jin

“진실은 우리가 만듭니다” – We make the truth.
– Joo Dan Tae

“내가 당신에게 날개를 달아줄게” – I’ll give you wings.
– Cheon Seo Jin

“후회는 늘 있는거니까, 산다는 게… 자신이 선택하지 않은 걸 감당하는 거라며…” – There is always some regrets in life. Living is just like… enduring the loss of what you didn’t choose.
– Ha Yoon Cheol, 12 episode (season)

“- 이제 남남인데 내 맘대로 해도 되는 거 아니야? -We are strangers already, can’t I just do whatever I want?
– 하, 남남인데 지킬것 더 지켜야지!” – Ha, cause we r strangers you have to care about what u r doing even more!
– Cheon Seo Jin and Ha Yoon Cheol conversation, 15 episode (1 season)

“그렇게 말하면 네 마음 좀 편하니?” – Does saying like that make you feel comfortable?
– Oh Yoon Hee, (season 2)

“나도 이기고 싶어, 이기고 싶어서 미칠 것 같다고.” – I want to win too, I’m going crazy because I want to win.
– Ha Eun Byeol, (season 2)

“죄를 짓고 아무 일 없다는 듯이 살면 안 되는 거잖아.” – You shouldn’t sin and live as if nothing happened.
– Oh Yoon Hee, (season 2)

“당신이 가르쳐줘잖아… 증거 없으면 만드는거라고” – You taught me this … If there is no evidence, it must be created.
– Oh Yoon Hee, (Penthouse season 2, 12episode)

shim su ryeon logan lee penthouse kdrama quotes

“죄를 치였으면 벌을 받는게 단영한거야.” – If you commit a sin, it is natural to be punished.
– Logan Lee, (Penthouse season 2, 12 episode)

Penthouse: War in life – koream drama quotes (season 1-2)

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