Record of youth – quotes (korean drama)

2020 – 청춘기록 – Record of youth – kdrama quotes (in korean with translation into english)
Beautiful quotes about life, youth, dreams and love.

With the release of the “Record of Youth” kdrama episodes, quotes will be added ~

내 친구한테 꿈은 자신을 지켜주는 거지만, 나한테 꿈은 돈이 많이 드는 숙제다. – For my friend, the dream is what protects him. And for me it is homework that requires a lot of money.
– Sa Hye Jun quote, (Park Bo Gum), 1 episode

그 돈을 받으려면 당신보다 더 더러운 짓 해야 되는 거 아니까. 그럴 시간이 나한텐 없어. – Because I know that if I decide to return that money, I will have to do things dirtier than you. I don’t have time for that.
– Sa Hye Jun quote, (Park Bo Gum), 1 episode

착하게 사는 거랑 행복하게 사는 거랑 무슨 상관이야? 인생은 원래 성질 못돼 처먹고 남 배려 안 하는 인간이 위너야. – Is there any connection between living kindly and living happily? It’s always like this in life – people with a bad character who don’t care about others are always winners.
– Ahn Jeong Ha quote, 1 episode “Record of youth”

이런 날은 기록해놔야 돼. 오늘은 완벽한 하루였다. 설렘, 억울함, 반전, 감동, 찬물… Days like these need to be recorded. Today was the perfect day. Excitement, injustice, suddenness, touchingness, and reality …
– Ahn Jeong Ha quote, 2 episode

너는 너대로 나는 나대로 멋지다. – You are in your own way, and I am in my own way cool.
– Sa Hye Jun quote, (Park Bo Gum), 3 episode

네가 왜 오디션에서 떨어진 줄 알아? 감독이 처음에 널 더 밀었었는데 해효 sns 팔로우 수가 너보다 훨씬 더 많아서 뽑았데. 인지도에서 밀린 거야. 실력에서 밀린 게 아니라. – Do you know why you failed your audition? The director promoted you at first, but Hae Hyo had much more social media followers than you, and he chose him. Because of the fame. Not because of his skills.
– Min Jae quote (Sa Hye Jun manager (nuna) )

비교하며 경쟁하지 않은 걸 좋은 성품이라고 속였다. 이제 후련하다. – I was fooled by myself that not to compete, not to comparing is considered a virtue. Now, I am free from this.
– Sa Hye Jun quote, (Park Bo Gum), 3 episode

그거 알아? 힘들 때 힘든 거 들키지 않으려고 막 더 설레발 치는 거? – Do you know that when it’s hard you start to fuss even more so that others don’t know about your difficulties?
알아. 네가 지금 그러고 있잖아. – I know. You’re doing it right now.
– Quote, dialogue between Sa Hye Jun and Jeong Ha.

근데 이거 알아? 취향은 안 변한다는 거… 나쁜 남자 좋아했던 여자들은 결국 또 나쁜 남자한테 끌리더라고. – Do you know this? That tastes don’t change … Girls who liked the bad guys end up taking an interest in them again.
– Ahn Jeong Ha quote, 4 episode

사람이 어떻게 아무 이유 없이 사람을 괴롭힐 수 있어? – How dare can a person, without any reason, hurt another?
– Ahn Jeong Ha quote, 1 episode “Record of youth”

네 잘생긴 얼굴 제일 걱정이야… 그거 갖고 있으면 막 살기 쉽거든. – Your pretty face worries me the most … Because with a face like that, to live with no efforts is easier.
– quote by Sa Hye Jun’s Father

서로의 아픈 부분을 알아봐 주는 사람이어서… 그래서 끌렸던 거다. – We both get a look at each other’s pain … that’s why we became interested in each other.

혼자 있는데 누군가와 함께 있는 느낌, 너무 쫗다 – I am alone, but it feels like with someone … it’s so good ..
– Jeong Ha’s quote to herself after Sa Hye Jun gave her a scarf 🙂

지금 바꿔지 않으면 미래는 안바껴. 정직하고 순수해서 좋아 하지만 그걸로 이길순 없어. – If you don’t change now, the future will not change. Only by being simple, honest, good – you cannot win.
– Min Jae ( Sa Hye Jun Manager quote) 4 episode

여자를 사랑하면 마법이 일어난다. – When you love a woman, miracles happen.
– Sa Hye Jun’s words, or rather his thought right before the first kiss with Jeong Ha ~

안힘든 일이 어딨어 세상에. 그냥 태어나면 힘든거야. 힘든 세상 내가 재밌는걸 만드는거지 뭐. 아들, 너도 네가 만들어야되. 재밌는건 누가 공짜로 안줘. – Where in this world is not difficult work. Just being born is hard. In this complex world, there is nothing left but to create fun by yourself … Son, you also have to create yourself. No one gives an interesting life for free.
– Episode 5, Sa Hye Joon’s Mom words to Son ~ Amazing words right?)

자신을 괴롭히는 노력은 후져. 우리 후지지 말자? – Efforts that torment are inferior. Let’s discard them?
– Episode 7, Sa Hye Joon’s co-star speech in his ‘first’ drama.

남자를 사랑하면 좀 더 나은 인간이 되고 싶어진다. 남자에겐 이름이 있다. 사혜준. – When I love this man, it makes me want to become a better person. And this man has a name, Sa Hye Jun.
– 7 episode, Ahn Jeong Ha’s thought about her boyfriend ^^

2020 – 청춘기록 – Record of youth – kdrama quotes (in korean with translation into english)
Beautiful quotes by korean drama main characters Sa Hye Jun and Ahn Jeong Ha)

If you looking for some quote from this drama, you can ask us about it in comments 🙂 We will find it for you:)

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  • Can I ask for the quote by Jeong-ha in episode 7? Whenrein she said something like “When I love this man, it makes me want to become a better person. And this man has a name, Sa Hye-jun.” I really like that quote. Thank you! ♥️

    • Hello~ ^ㅅ^ Can you tell pls approximate time?

      • Yes sure! It’s 11:49-11:59, episode 7.

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        • I don’t exactly where he says this but at jeong ha’s house, hue jun says that he will never be sorry to someone he loves because…
          What is the exact sentence that he says?

          • Hello) Yes) We do remember that moment… but can you at least say what episode? We need to listen that again, to write correctly ㅠㅠ

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    • i wonder which episode says that sa hye jun wants his own room so that he can cry freely. help me find this quote please T_T
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