Snowdrop drama quotes (in korean with translation)

Snowdrop drama quotes (in korean with translation into English)
1-16 episode best quotes by main characters

Briefly about drama: Snowdrop (설강화)
Country: Republic of Korea
Episodes: 16
Main Actors: Jisoo (BLACKPINK) Eun Young-Ro, Jung Hae In (Im Soo-Ho), Yoo In Na, Jang Seung Jo, Yoon Se Ah, etc.
Network: JTBC
Writer: Yoo Hyun-Mi

kdrama snowdrop quotes

“A politician’s wife fashion is like a message to the people.” – episode 1

” – 뭐하는 사람이에요? 슈퍼맨이에요? – Who r you? Superman?
– 들켰네 미안해요 나 때문에… – Ah… you cought me… but… sorry for all”

“Your future is whatever you make it.” – Kang Chung Ya – episode 4

“걱정하지 말아요 저는 슈퍼맨이잖아요” – “Don’t worry, You know I’m Superman.” – Jung Hae In (Im Soo-Ho) (Snowdrop quotes)

“Your life and their lives are different. Know your place and stop trying to be like them.”– Pi Seung Hee , episode 3

“Our ages don’t matter. Our husbands’ ranks do.” – episode 1

Don’t feel guilty about it, take advantage of it. – episode 3

“경고하는데 나대지마 그러다 죽을 수도 있어요” – 5회 – “I’m warning you, don’t touch me if you don’t wanna die” 5 episode

“Our nationalities may be different, what matters is that our hearts are one.” – Lim Ji Rok, episode 4

Jisoo Im Soo-Ho romantic 11 episode snowdrop quotes

“이제 플랜B로 갈 수 밖에 없어요” – Now I have no choice but to go to plan B.

I don’t want to make yoou suffer anymore. There’s nothing I can do for you but watch… And that’s driving me crazy. (Im Soo-Ho) – 더 이상 너를 힘들게 하고 싶지 않다. 내가 당신을 위해 할 수 있는 것은 지켜보는 것 밖에 없어요… 이걸 때문에 미쳐버릴것 같아요.

No one can choose their country to be born and I just was born there and that’s what I was given. -“조국을 선택해서 태어날 수 있는 사람은 없어 난 그 곳에서 태어났고 그게 나한테 주어진 일이니까”
11 Episode, Snowdrop

“Romantic relationships begin with a tug-of-war. And the best way to win is to make the guy desperate.” – episode 1

I wondered what it’d feel like to fall in love at first sight. But the moment I saw him, I felt it right way. Our hands brushed just briefly, but my heart began to pound. Is this first love…? – “첫눈에 반한다는 말이 뭔가 했거든 그 남자를 본 순단박에 알았어 잠깐 손이 스쳤을 뿐인데 심장이 쿵.. 이런게 첫사랑일까”
11 episode, Snowdrop, Eun Young-Ro quote

The biggest mistake in my life it’s considering you as a human.
-Lim Ji Rok- 15 episode

” -I’ll definitely protect you. My friends and my unnies will all be safe. Next time we’ll open house, we’ll have fun playing games and dancing.
– Who will protect you?
– Don’t forget, I’m Superman.
– You even can’t fly…”

” -내가 넌 반드시 지켜줄게. 친구들도 언니들도 전부다 무사할거야 다음 오픈하우스는 재밌는 게임도 하고 춤도 추고 해야지
– 수호씨는 누가 지켜줘요?
– 걱정마 나 슈퍼맨이잖아
– 날지도 못하면서”
12 episode, Im Soo Ho Young-Ro conversation

“- What would you like to do if ypu will go to another world?
– I just will live ordinary. Have a baby, cook and do laundry.. Sometimes I nagging my kids and scratching my husband’s money. I want to live like that. This country, the revolution, the mission,I want to forget everything.””

– 다른 세상에 가면 뭘 하고싶어?
– 난 그냥 평범하게 애 낳고 밥하고 빨래하고.. 가끔은 애들한테 잔소리도 하면서 남편 바가지도 긁고 그렇게 살고 싶어. 조국이니.. 혁명이니.. 임무니 그딴거 다 잊어버리고”
-16 episode Snowdrop lines

Snowdrop drama quotes (in korean with translation into english )

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