The most romantic places in Seoul

The most romantic places in Seoul

1. Banpo and Yeoido Parks near the Hangan River

The first in the list of “The most romantic places of Seoul” deservedly is the magnificent Hangang.
Walking, picnic, bicycle rental and traditional eating of ramen near round-flow hypermarkets – a classic near the Hangan River. As a rule, Hangan is 24/7, but still the most “romantic” time after 7 o’clock in the evening, when you can still rent a bicycle, enjoy the evening sky and … It is possible to meet someone, because as a rule, after 7, Koreans are already free from work, which means it’s becoming more crowded near the Han River

Getting there: Yeouido Park – Yeouinaru Subway Station – Exit 2 or 3. (purple line). Banpo Park (the same bridge with a fountain, music and beautiful lighting). Express Bus Terminal metro station – exit 8-1. (brown line). After exiting the subway, right, to the intersection, then turn right and end to the Hangan River (7 minutes).

2. Amusement park Lotte World

Почему это место романтичное? Тут вместо слов лучше показать: ^^

3. Cheonggyecheon stream, located in one of Seoul’s Business District

Third in the Top “Seoul’s Most Romantic Places” is such a magical place as Chenqqecheon stream, which is beautiful not only for its atmosphere but also for holidays and festivals that are held near:

  • Festival of lotus lamps (연등회) – 3.5. – 5.5.2019.
  • Holiday, lantern festival (서울 빛 초롱 축제) – usually takes place from November 2-18.
  • Christmas Festival (청계천 크리스마스 축제) – usually runs from December 8 – January 1.
  • Near the Chongecheon stream there are such attractions as a monument to King Sejong, a monument to General Yi Song Sin, Seoul Square, Gyeongbokgung.

How to get there: Gwanghwamun subway station – 5th exit, purple line.

4. Hongdae Youth District

Street dancers, singers, a lot of different street-food, a lot of shops including those with paired clothes. Karaoke, restaurants, cafes, including animals (dogs, cats, raccoons, meerkats, etc.) game centers, which Koreans love – if you are looking for adventure, or for a “exciting” date – then you are here.

How to get there: Hongik University subway station – Exit 8 (green line).

5. Namsan Tower

Perhaps one of the most romantic places with stunning views of Seoul. However, the place is interesting not only for the tower itself. And the view from it. But also for the park located near. (Namsan Tower is located on the mountain, so when climbing on your own two you can admire some viewing platforms and beautiful paths). In addition, you can hang a “love lock” on the tower, as Koreans like to do, in the hope that their love will live for a long, long time :).

How to get there: Станция Chungmuro – exit 2, Hangangjin – exit 2, Donqquk University – exit 6.

The most romantic places in Korea
Romantics Spots in Korea

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