Vincenzo – kdrama quotes (quotes in korean with stills)

Vincenzo – kdrama quotes in korean with translation into english
Vincenzo Cassano – kdrama 2021 (all episodes)

Briefly about drama:
Name: Vincenzo (빈센조/빈센초)
Genre: Dark Comedy, Law, Romance, Crime, Drama
Episodes: 20
Main actors: Song Joong Ki, Jeon Yeo Been, Ok Taec Yeon, Kim Yeo Jin, Kwak Dong Yeon.


“¡Demonios Corea! ¡Los voy a encontrar y los voy a acabar!” – Damn Korea! I’m going to find them and finish them!
– 1 episode

복수는 차가운 마음으로 해야 한다. – Revenge should be done with a cold heart.
– 2 episode

요즘의 트렌드를 따르는 겁니다. 요즘의 트렌드는 용서와 화합이 아니라 처리와 척결입니다.” – I’m just following trends. And the trend these days is not forgiveness and unity, but treatment and eradication.
– 13 episode – Jeong In Gook (정인국)

정의의 사도는 무슨! 난 쓰레기를 치우는 쓰레기야. 난 나보다 더 악취 나는 쓰레기는 도저히 참지 못하거든.” – Ha, what is the Apostle of Justice! I’m just a trash that taking out other trash. Cause there is a thing, I can’t stand the trash that smells worse than me.
– 14 episode – Vincenzo Cassano (빈센조)

후회는 살아서 겪을 최고의 지옥이라고.” – Regret is the most painful thing you can experience in life.
– 2-3 episode

여러분! 진짜 금은 여러분 마음속에 있는 겁니다.” – Everyone! The real gold is in your hearts.
– 9-10 episode – Yoo Ki Kyeon (유기견)

song joong ki handsome vincenzo stills lines and awesome quotes

“악은 악으로 처단한다” – A devil punishes another devil.
– Vincentzo (Song Joong Ki)

It’s easy to hide the fire but not the smoke.
– Vincenzo, 4 episode

“Por qué no confía en mí?” – Why won’t he trust me?
– Vincenzo Cassano quotes in Italian

“저쪽 증인들의 적을 찾아 공략해요. 적의 적은 나의 친구니까.” – At times like this, we must find out who their enemies are. Because the enemy of my enemy is a friend.
– 5-6 Episodes Vincenzo Cassano

“날아오는 칼을 피할 수 있지만 숨겨졌던 칼을 피하지는 못해요.” – You can avoid flying knives, but you can’t avoid hidden ones.
– 15 episode

“운명이 무거운 게 아니라, 당신이 약한 거야. 나 자신이 약하면 약할수록 운명은 그만큼 더 무거워지는 법이거든.” – Destiny isn’t heavy, its just you’re weak. The weaker you are, the heavier your fate.
– 15 episode

“숭산 없는 전쟁터에선 ‘포기’도 기회입니다. – Giving up on a hopeless war is also an opportunity.”
– Vincenzo Cassano

널 지켜주는 것은 총과 칼이 아니야, 머리야. 명심해. – It’s not the guns and swords that protect you, it’s your brain. Keep in mind.”
– 17 Episode, Vincenzo

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Adesso sono un gatto affamato.” – And now I’m a hungry cat.
– 19 episode, quote in italian, Vincenzo

“When you continuosly turn lies into the truth, you become blinded to the truth.”
– Vincenzo, 18 episode

“친구란 두 개의 몸에 깃든 하나의 영혼이다. – Friends are like one soul in two boddies.”
– 19 episode, Vincenzo and Hong Cha Young

Korean drama Vincenzo – kdrama quotes with stills (all 1-20 series)

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